Hey There

Hey There

Daniel Brodesky

YouTube Strategist

I managed to grow my channel to over πŸ“ˆ100K subscribers in under πŸ—“οΈ100 days.

Hey there πŸ‘‹πŸ», I’m Daniel. I have over 10 years of experience in the advertising industry. I managed teams of designers and animators to produce brand videos for some of the biggest tech companies out there, like Microsoft and Amdocs. I bring all of that knowledge and experience to the YouTube space, helping creators improve their content, reach wider audience and build stronger communities.

I work with channels like Logically Answered, Azul Wells, and William Gaunitz. I also created my own channel and grew it to over 200k subs with over 137 million views to show that it is not luck!

What do I do


Stop wasting your time and effort walking in circles. This 60-minute call is perfect for those of you that want some direction to transform your content strategy in just an hour.


If you're interested in taking YouTube seriously, weekly call with me are the best way to level up your channel fast.

Clients List


Logically Answered

Logically Answered is a documentary channel about companies.

We’ve focused extensively on content strategy, improving his titles and thumbnails, and implementing processes to improve retention.


Azul Wells

Azul is one of the fastest-growing financial channels focusing on retirement planning. I have been working with Azul and his team on their ideation process, thumbnails, titles and provided recommendations to improve retention.

β€œDaniel is one of the best YT strategists I have worked with. His advice is solid and actionable. Plus, he is willing to work directly with your team to make his suggestions happen ... making it easier for the creator to focus on what s/he does best. He gives 110% and comes well prepared for each meeting. I highly recommend Daniel's services.” - Azul Wells

William Gaunitz

William is one of the largest hair loss channels on YouTube.

I have helped William identify points to improve in his editing and provided retention optimization suggestions.

My Channel

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